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Exclusive Premiere: enzo dicarlo “sem flow” ft. rodrigo zin, adieu, siara

enzo dicarlo is a 17-year old producer / multi-instrumentalist from Sao Paulo, Brazil ready to share his talents with the world. Son of a music producer, enzo dicarlo started to DJ at 8-years old and began to produce his own music at 12-years old. His mother was a radio host/producer and used to take him to work where he was introduced to a wide range of music spanning Rock, R&B, Jazz, Gospel and various styles of Brazilian Music.

At 13-years old, enzo dicarlo start to publicly release some of his own music via SoundCloud, where he met future collaborators and friends while continuing his musical development.

enzo dicarlo has already made his mark on the national music scene in Brazil, producing the song “Salvaje” for Brazilian drag queen / pop star Pabllo Vittar’s latest album “111.” The album is currently certified platinum and was released in March 2020.

“e se a noite nunca chegar” (translated: and what if nightfall never comes) is enzo dicarlo’s latest album which is his most reflective and personal project to date. The album chronicles enzo dicarlo’s journey of self reflection and discovery, dealing with his own insecurities and apprehension, and his path towards self-acceptance. Throughout the album, there is an ever present internal battle where he finds himself managing other people’s perceptions and expectations moreso than accepting his own path. Musically, the album is a mix of forward thinking Electronic Soul and RnB, with Brazilian influences of Chill Baile and modern day Brazilian R&B.

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