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Exclusive Premiere: Gerry Weil “The Message”


MIMS is very excited to announce the launch of a brand new sister-label to Olindo Records, Música Infinita, with its inaugural release, ‘The Message’ by Gerry Weil – an overlooked cornerstone of Venezuelan jazz, greatly influenced by ‘Bitches Brew’ era Miles, Hendrix, Tower of Power and fusion of jazz and rock. Listen to the anthemic title track in full here first. Safe to say it’s pretty heavy!

‘The Message’ is packed with raw funk grooves, big band horns, and Gerry’s gravelly Waitsian vocals. Remastered with love by Frank Merritt at The Carvery, this limited edition features brand new artwork and an extensive interview with Gerry.

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In 1969 Miles Davis put the world on notice with “Bitches Brew”; a bold statement that broke every pre-conceived notion people had about jazz and music in general up to that point. Taking this as inspiration, Gerry Weil decided to emulate Miles in 1971, but on Caribbean soil, gathering a dream team of 15 Venezuelan musicians, most of which went on to become renowned bandleaders in their own right, to record an avant-garde album that would later turn into a coveted item amongst record collectors.

Title track “The Message”, is a sort of funky anthem or mantra that describes Gerry Weil’s attitude towards life. Its lyrics describe the way “squares” reacted against hippies in the 70s when “all we want to give you is a little bit of love”.

Gerry Weil – The Message [Música Infinita] – Interview Excerpt

Arriving in Venezuela from Austria as a 17 year old in 1957, Gerry has become one of the most influential musicians his adopted country has ever seen. His compositions are now part of the repertoire of Venezuelan jazz standards, but perhaps more importantly, Gerry’s career in music education has seen him impart his music theory and piano teachings to at least three generations of musicians. Still active at the age of 81, Gerry is a living legend and a true testament to perseverance through music.

‘The Message’ by Gerry Weil will be released on January 15 2021 on Música Infinita, sister-label to Olindo Records, home to Waaju and Raúl Monsalve y los Forajidos, focused on lost gems from Venezuela and beyond. It’s Bandcamp Friday this week, so if you’re feeling this, it’s the best time to support!

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