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Exclusive Premiere: Haze City “Amor Do Verao” (Cassé Records)

Broken Beat

‘Amor do Verao’ is a Brazilian flavoured Broken Beat track that is inspired as much by Azymuth as it is by Kaidi Tatham.

Drum samples provide a steady drive for cool Rhodes keys and growling Moog bass melodies creating a warm-up atmosphere to set the stage for a night of broken rhythms!

‘Amor do Verao’ means summer love, and this track conjures up memories of sunshine, beaches and parties. This is the first release in a series called “Excursions” by Haze City, where each release will focus on a slightly different sound/style within the Haze City spectrum. Further releases will venture into bass heavy Broken Beat, left-of-centre House, and Footwork. Stay tuned for further eclectic outings!

“Excursions 1” releases September 28, 2018 on Cassé

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