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Exclusive Premiere: Jonny Tobin “What I Didn’t Do”

Beats Electronic Modern Funk

We are excited to share an exclusive slice of modern funk by Grammy-nominated Canadian keys player and producer, Jonny Tobin. “What I Didn’t Do” is taken from his forthcoming album ‘Together’, expected in January 2022.

After releasing the full-length ‘Weekends’ in 2020 (via Wicked Wax in Amsterdam), and a string of singles, collaborative projects, and EPs in 2021, Jonny Tobin is due to release another full-length solo album, ‘Together’. to kick off 2022. Facing isolation and loneliness (as many people in the world did throughout 2020), the album is a collection of tracks that Jonny made to channel negative feelings into something hopeful and forward-looking.


On “What I Didn’t Do”, Jonny features a clip from friend and fellow musician William Chernoff speaking about unrealized potential and some of the negative self-talk that can hold people back.

‘Together’ represents Jonny’s response to all the tragedy, despair, and grief of the past 2 years – holding space for those emotions but also seeking to provide glimmers of optimism with an almost playful delight, as the compositions encapsulate his bright outlook on the world.

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