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Exclusive Premiere: Lorenzo Morresi “Rituel”

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Music is My Sanctuary is proud to premiere, “Rituel”, a standout track from Lorenzo Morresi’s superb forthcoming album for Fly By Night Music. Due to be released on May 15.

On “Objet Melodie”, producer Lorenzo-Giulio Morresi combines guitar, synthesizers, drum machines, marimbas and steel drums, with percussion samples taken from his personal record collection.

“Rituel” features Stefano Ubaldni, playing the the intro with an amazing hand-made guitar he calls a ‘slitar’, inspired by the Indian sitar and made with a broken metal window he picked up in a London backyard.

“Objet Melodie” is inspired by sounds, technologies and traditions from around the world, with the hope of staying interconnected as much as possible.

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