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Exclusive Premiere: Plage 84 “Amango” Ft. Tulliae, Dodji Efoui

XVI Records are proud to present their latest signing, courtesy of Parisian producer ​Plage 84 ​(whose has previously released on the likes of ​Roche Musique).

His latest offering is entitled “Amango”, (as Mango’s are the most commonly found fruit in the Ivory coast) a fitting name, given that the EP itself is the result of a beautiful chance meeting in ​Abidjan​.

Following a driving curiosity to visit West & South Africa and discover new music, Plage 84 (AKA Kevin Descourty ) found his chance when his partner at the time was briefly working in Abidjan. Kevin explains “​I joined her and ​Dodji Efoui was living in the house next door right in the same street, obviously we met through a connection in common he had with my girlfriend’s family. ​Tulliae was a good friend of mine from France and she was randomly working on some projects in Abidjan at the same time, so we made some sessions together and they both met each other through this musical journey​”

The trio started jamming in the basement of Dodji’s house, utilizing very modest equipment but quickly realising that their chemistry was producing some pretty spectacular results.

Following this meeting of minds, a second trip to Abidjan was made, with a Shure SM58, a keyboard and a sound card, finally capturing the essence of this vibrant record. Kevin then began working tirelessly on molding the tracks in his unique style : “​I worked on many versions back in Paris, went in a friend’s studio in Morocco to continue it, and then I decided to move back to South africa, this time Cape Town for almost 2 months to finalize the last producing part on every track.”

“I would say this is my first project made between so many countries and I’m quite happy I think we can feel it inside the different tracks.”

Full of swirling textures, cascading shades and relentlessly changing patterns, the EP captures a true essence of creativity, inhabiting a unique trans-cultural space, demonstrating the sharing of ideas and coming together to create something beautiful. A reassuring message for such divided, troubling times.



  • https://soundcloud.com/plage84
  • https://www.instagram.com/plage84/
  • https://twitter.com/plage84
  • https://www.facebook.com/Plage84/
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