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Exclusive Premiere: Radio Trip “No Oud”

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On “No Oud”, Israel’s most influential digging duo, Radio Trip, strip down the classic “Neimat Pop Oud”, itself a fusion of funk and rock with traditional Mediterranean styles by 70s pioneers Lehakat Tzliley Ha’oud, into a deadly pairing of bass and cavernous drums.

Radio Trip wrote the book for generations of record collectors and hip hop producers to follow when it comes to digging and sampling obscure Israeli and Yemenite funk and psychedelic grooves. In turn they influenced the next generation of musicians who as a result looked further back into their own musical heritage, at least as much as the usual American and British influences.

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“No Oud” is the flipside to “Oud Two”, another take on “Neimat Pop Oud”, by Mediterranean psychedelic surf band, Les Dynamites, on the 13h edition on Batov Records’ essential Middle Eastern Groove 45s series.

Released on April 3rd on vinyl and digital, “Oud Two” and “No Oud” are destined to inspire belly dancers, break dancers and any curious music lovers interested in diving into the seductive grooves of Israel’s ancient cities.

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