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Exclusive Premiere: Soft Machine “(Slightly) Slightly All The Time”


In a momentous celebration of the British jazz legacy, the iconic jazz-rock pioneers Soft Machine are set to enrapture listeners with an exclusive audio premiere of “(Slightly) Slightly All The Time”. This captivating rendition takes center stage on the B side of their upcoming limited edition 7” vinyl, a heartfelt tribute to the legendary trumpeter Harry Beckett featuring his classic “The Dew at Dawn” on the A side.

Led by the masterful guitar of John Etheridge, an original Soft Machine member since the mid-’70s, and the velvety saxophone tones of Canterbury scene veteran Theo Travis, the band’s recent lineup shifts include bassist Fred Thelonious Baker—a former collaborator with Beckett—and the debut of drummer Asaf Sirkis, succeeding the late John Marshall.

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“(Slightly) Slightly All the Time”, originally part of Soft Machine’s seminal 1970 opus ‘Third’, undergoes a brilliant reimagining for this exclusive release. Stripping down the sprawling epicness of Mike Ratledge’s original composition to its essential elements, the track is injected with new life, showcasing Travis’ exceptional flute artistry that effortlessly channels the ’70s Brit jazz vibes.

As the second installment in My Only Desire Records’ Brit Jazz 45s series, Soft Machine’s contribution not only pays homage to the golden era of ‘60s and ‘70s British jazz but also offers an unprecedented audio premiere experience. This article invites readers to embark on an immersive journey through the intricate layers of “(Slightly) Slightly All The Time”, where Soft Machine’s musical prowess and reverence for their own classic captivate the senses.

With its exclusive unveiling, “(Slightly) Slightly All The Time” becomes a testament to Soft Machine’s ability to transcend time, seamlessly merging the past with the present. Jazz enthusiasts and loyal followers alike are encouraged to savor this unique moment as Soft Machine continues to shape the narrative of their storied career through the evocative soundscape of “(Slightly) Slightly All The Time”.

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