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Exclusive Premiere: Thysenterprise “Sounds After the Fade-Out”

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Dutch saxophonist, producer and composer, Thysenterprise, shares melodic piano-led jazz head-nodder, “‘Sounds After The Fade-Out”. One for fans of Robert Glasper, Bill Evans and Makaya McCraven.

Thysenterprise tell us, “”‘Sounds After The Fade-Out” describes the feeling that I felt days after my dad’s funeral, when life had to go back to normal, but due to sorrow I couldn’t see things clearly. Friends drinking, crowds cheering at basketball matches, loud laughter… all while having a numb feeling. It’s one of the few tracks my dad heard in its beginning stages, just before passing away. I had the chord progression since 2017, but finally was able to write the melody last year. It hints to Duke Ellington & John Coltrane’s ‘In a Sentimental Mood’, a song which was played at that same funeral. No denying that Robert Glasper was a major influence on writing this tune and real heads can recognize the drums from Glasper’s ‘F.T.B.’. The bass line was loosely inspired by the melody of ‘Bottom of the Barrel,’ a Grant Green gem and a personal favorite of mine”.

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On his latest album, ‘ESSENTIAL,’ Thysenterprise pays a sincere tribute to his late father, creating a musical journey that blends jazz and hip-hop influences. The album revisits melodies from iconic jazz records that were pivotal in his father’s influence on his musical upbringing.

This collection is deeply personal, showcasing Thysenterprise’s emotional connection to the music. The liner notes, written by John Morrison, encapsulate the sentiment: “We play for pleasure, we play to understand ourselves and the world around us, we play to celebrate and remember our loved ones”.

‘ESSENTIAL’ smoothly transitions through a range of sounds, from spiritual to hip-hop, presenting a contemporary exploration of human emotions. The album resonates with its listeners, offering a heartfelt musical journey that celebrates life, love, and the power of sound to connect on a deeply personal level. It’s an invitation to experience the emotions woven into every note”.

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