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Exclusive Premiere: Wipe The Needle “Round of Applause” (Feat. Aleysha Lei)

Local Talk are a record label dedicated to true and timeless house music with influences from jazz, funk and soul. This new release by Wipe The Needle is inspired by the classic UK garage sound.

The label’s back catalogue features music from legends and pioneers ranging from Terrence Parker to the late Soulphiction, and the new release is the first part of a double EP by Wipe The Needle.

Wipe The Needle is a UK based artist that has previously featured tracks on influential record labels including Defected, Soundmen On Wax and Deeply Rooted, and is making a return to Local Talk following the success of his 2019 EP titled Enchanted.

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The EP features five funk-fuelled tracks with soulful vocals, breakbeat rhythms and analogue synth lines. Its free-flowing percussion and upbeat party vibe is everything fans have come to expect from the Local Talk style.

“Round of Applause (Feat. Aleysha Lei)” opens the release with its broken beat groove and a feisty female vocal that’s underpinned by the slap and funk of the bassline.

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