Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Betty Wright “My First Time Around” (1968, ATCO)


Hail to our favourite multi-faceted neoyorquino, soulfully yours – MF Young Old Chris (Never not working, NYC) This record is an absolute essential in any Soul music lovers’ record collection, There is not one single filler cut.

Guest Post

via MF Young Old Chris (NYC)

“This album produced by Clarence Reid & Willie Clark is great from start to finish, recorded when she was only 14 years old in 1968. Beginning with ” Girls Can’t Do What The Guys Do” a well known single, and halfway through side 1 comes “Circle of Heartbreak” an amazing northern soul cut that Ms. Wright wrote herself, again at only age 14.

My favorite track on here is “The Best Girls Don’t Always Win“. Just an inspiring ballad with such beautiful, strong yet tender vocal about losing for the better. There is a slightly different mix on 45 but I prefer the LP mix. Not a rare record whatsoever, but such a gem.”

MF Young Old Chris

MF Young Old Chris