Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Herbie Hancock “Nobu” (1974)


As you put the needle on this record, you realize after a few seconds that it really wouldn’t take very much to transform this gem into a Techno track perhaps hidden deep in the Underground Resistance back catalogue. Add a heavier kick drum and bassline and voilà! All the techno legends already agree that this just might be the first techno track ever made.

“Nobu” is an out of this world, forward-thinking UFO of a track coming from Herbie Hancock, who is one of the greatest and most accomplished Jazz pianists of all-time but also always one to push the boundaries of technology and music.

Recorded in 1974 in Tokyo (apparently in one day!), city where Hancock recorded a few albums following this one. “Nobu” is from the “Dedication” album which came out on Sony exclusively in Japan. On this gem, he explores sounds and with the sample-and-hold feature of an ARP 2600 synthesizer providing a rhythm section for Hancock’s electric keyboards.

How would you quality this jazz track: Futuristic? Experimental? Cosmic? Well, “Nobu” is first and foremost a song that will quench the thirst of dancers and open-minded listeners in need of salvation. Hands down, one of the most forward-thinking tracks of all time!

“Nobu” Samples

Here are a few tracks that sampled Herbie Hancock’s “Nobu”. It’s actually quite surprising that there aren’t that many out there. Feel free to let us know if we missed any!


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DJ Psycut

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