Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Miles Davis “My Funny Valentine” (1964)


Ok Ok saying Miles Davis and Forgotten in the same sentence is pretty ridiculous, I know. Davis is a name that has and will continue to surpass time because of the amazing musician he was and the epic life he lived. But hear me out, see recently my mother has put me in charge of clearing out the garage for the summer which is probably one of the worst jobs ever except for days like today when you encounter gems such as an impeccable vinyl of Miles Davis “My Funny Valentine, In Concert”. Ahhh what a breath of fresh air. With all the heavy emotions floating around Montreal these days it’s a nice relief to put on a great record at midnight accompanied by some kanpe iced tea, a light rainfall, and the intoxicating smell of lilacs.

To describe the musical depth of this album I’m gonna allow myself to quote the back cover “The core of Davis’ music, even at it’s most brooding, is strength. There is, for one thing, the relentless probing of the song, of himself and of his horn. There is also the constant drawing of melodic and emotional lines as taunt as possible before the tension is released only to build up again. And there is the unabashed sensuality of tone, together with the acute pleasure of surprising oneself in music.”
Couldn’t of said it better myself. This is a must for music appreciators.

Oh and did I mention that it features the dream team: Miles Davis, George Coleman, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams.

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