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Future Classic: Adrian Younge & Ghostface Killah “12 Reasons to Die II”

Hip-Hop Jazz

Ghost is a busy dude. Having released 3 projects prior to this one in the last 2 years, his storytelling abilities are dark, lyrical and always entertaining. On “12 Reasons to Die II”, Ghostface and Adrian Younge craft an album darker and more ambitious than their first, providing some incredible verses from the likes of Raekwon, RZA, and Scarub.

The album continues the story of a resurrected Tony Starks (Ghostface), who is seeking revenge on the Deluca crime family, while also being introduced to Lester Kane (Raekwon), who is another gang member who gets tied up in the story. It sounds like an interesting Marvel story, which makes this album an extraordinary conceptual journey through the mind of Tony Starks.


Martin Boev

Martin Boev

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