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Future Classic: Beats In Space “BIS: 001 – 020”

House / Techno

via RVNG: From its beginnings as a college radio show on WNYU, Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space was on a necessary trajectory toward preserving waveform memories permanently to wax. BIS: 001 – 020 chronicles the consideration and sophistication embodied by the first twenty releases of the label’s twelve year history.

From aquatic slow burners (Dukes of Chutney’s “The Smiling Cheshire”) to sweeping Balearic compositions (Tornado Wallace’s “Desperate Pleasures”), to outrageous expressions of club-generated sublimity (Crystal & S. Koshi’s “Break the Dawn”), it’s clear what makes this bounty of eclectic releases harmonious. In keeping with the sensibility coveted by Sweeney during his time on air, there’s an attitude: a little bit rude, but softened with sensitivity. They have a sense of motion, narrative and duration, with an appreciation for melody, but not at the expense of propulsive, percussive texture. BIS releases are drenched, or at least dipped, in the particular nostalgia experience as one meets the eyes of a friend across a crowded dance floor and the memory of an entire relationship rushing through blood in a wordless, serotoninic moment.

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