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Future Classic: DOC Mastermind “Uyuni Pt​.​1”


Lots of new interesting releases in the upcoming week, including the latest DOC Mastermind project, Uyuni, which will be released in 2 parts; Part 1 on October 20th via Laroche Records (Link), and Part 2 via Expansions Collective (Link).

After having heard the whole project, I can say it’s DOC’s best work up to date, and “SpaceHomeBoy Pt.1” is the perfect example on how Mastermind has established his signature sound.

It’s that spacey-funk-bap that takes you to a new dimension, where you wish you had futuristic/avant-garde verse to lay on. An head-nodding instrumental with a cosmospheric sensation. I’ve been a huge fan since day 1, and I’m glad to see producers creatively emancipate themselves, and it’s definitely the case for this French based producer.

Laruche Records and Expansions Collective are two labels that releases a lot of quality material; from Hip Hop to Neo-Soul, to Modern Funk and Electronic, they’ve both got quite of an eclectic catalog. Make sure to check them out.

Track taken from Walla P‘s latest edition of the Voyage Funktatisque Radio Show

Walla P

Walla P

Founder, Dj & Host of Voyage Funktastique, a radio show, monthly night and platform dedicated to promote Future/Modern/Électro/Boogie Funk.