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Future Classic: First Touch “Sure Feels Good To Me” (Hot Shots Sounds)

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In this week’s show, I had the privilege to present a guest mix by Sean Rowlands (FlavorSavor); full of funk nuggets and heaters…45 minutes of pure funk. On my part, I just received the latest First Touch joint, Sure Feels Good To Me, released on June 30th via Hot Shots Sounds, a label operated by Inkswel and Benny Badge.

First Touch, a duo hailing from Manheim, Germany, have their own distinct sound, meshing that good old boogie-feel-good vibe with a hint of modern flavours; they’re the ultimate package…even my mom listens to them. Their production is definitely dance-floor orientated, and Sure Feels Good To Me is a perfect example; horns, strings, basslines, synths, drums, vocals, all seasoned to perfection to create a growing energy inside your body and soul. I’m always looking forward for new material from these guys.

Hot Shots Sounds operates out of Adelaide, Australia, and have on their catalogue quality releases by Nite Class, Freekwency, the memorable “So Over It” by Inkswel feat. Reggie B and of course their first compilation, Hot Shots Sounds Vol.1 (http://hotshotsounds.bandcamp.com/). Be sure to be on lookout for more music, Inskwel and Benny Badge are the real deal.

Track taken from Walla P‘s latest edition of the Voyage Funktastique radio show.

Walla P

Walla P

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