Future Classics

Future Classic: James Blake “Limit To Your Love”

The term post-dubstep has been floating around a lot this year with people like Mount Kimbie and James Blake infusing their approach to the global phenomenon. Usually post dubstep keeps some of the same structures, tempos and sounds all with a more headphone approach than the dancefloor oriented stuff… but basically in this case this is post-post-dubstep. If you didn’t know who James Blake was there would be no way you’d be thinking dubstep.

James Blake is definitely one of the breakout talents of 2010, his EP’s and remixes are on the lists of countless music heads and critics (including this dude). So what better way to close a busy year than ending it with a really stripped down vocal cover of Feist’s “Limit To Your Love”… Pretty risky but it works!

James Blake - Limit To Your Love



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