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Future Classic: Kool Vibe “Basics EP” (KV Records)

House / Techno

After months of anticipation due to major labels now running those vinyl pressing plants, Kool Vibe is back with the “Basics EP” on his own imprint. It’s been ages since I last waited as anxiously the release of a 12″ and months of yearning are now being fulfilled with 4 tracks of the highest order. Something precious in a world of throw away EP’s of filler cuts.

As usual with this French producer the atmosphere is on the 90’s House tip. But no need to worry, you won’t find no copycats ideas, tired formulas, obvious samples or just plain rip off of older tracks. Instead the whole EP sounds like an unreleased Strictly Rhythm or Nervous record from the late 1992 or early 1993. For the House nerd in me, all titles are just resonating with a strong feel : Basics, Tribute, Back To The Real, Sleazy Joint (Touch It, Suck It).

As far as the production goes, it’s pureness all around. Kool Vibe is absolutely applying the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” aesthetic here. No long breaks, none of those boring Ableton presets or effects, no gimmicks, just some steady heavy hitters raw club jams made to sweat on the dancefloor. All four tracks are slamming and absolutely represent how this music was actually sounding back in the early 90’s. The New York / New Jersey influences are all around, but there’s also shades of the somehow forgotten Detroit Deep House sound from that time.

Without a doubt, this will be one of my favorite release of the year. Kool Vibe just keeps solidifying his reputation of one of the baddest producer around with each and every one of his releases. Totally essential for the young folks who are buying all those re-issues (?) bootlegs of 90’s House and the old disillusioned househeads who always talk about the good old days. After all, a 4 tracks banger EP like this doesn’t come around everyday!!!

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