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Future Classic: Nickolas Thee Ruin “Distant Implosions”


I discovered this dude on reddit.com/r/hiphopheads, under an unfortunate title: “A year ago yesterday, my 20 year old best friend died a natural death.”

He had been working on a project titled “Distant Implosions” and I thought I would check it out, having no expectations from it. I was pleasantly surprised, this Nickolas Thee Ruin has definite talent. He had a distinctive style as well, a unique voice, confused with the complexities of the life around him. His lyrics are introspective, dark and reflective. “I don’t rap no more, I evoke tones,” he spits on “Ladron,” track two of this sonically diverse project. The beat on the first track sounds like a Flying Lotus one, though it shifts to a slightly more abrasive and at times trap-influenced tone. Without knowing him personally, I do think he was influenced heavily by artists such as Cage, Busdriver, even Aesop Rock to a certain extent.

It’s a good project and one which deserves a bit of recognition. At least Nickolas has left earth with something of value for the whole world to see, and I’m sure that his close ones are proud of him.

Martin Boev

Martin Boev

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