Future Classics

Future Classic: Wugazi – 13 chambers

Written by: Max Robin

I already talked about the excellent mashup work from Max Tannone in another mims post, but here is another great mashup project. As the name suggest, this time it’s the work of DIY post-punk cult band Fugazi and rap warlord super-group Wu-Tang Clan to be shaked and baked.

That’s not the first time somebody uses Wu’s acapellas on clearly different music. Maybe it’s that fact it is none other but Cecil Otter & Swiss Andy of the Doomtree camp make it work so well. Classics like “Shame on a nigga” or “C.R.E.A.M” are revamped with really fitting but really different music.

The beauty of all this is, even if it may be the first mashup project to be on a “real” label (Doomtree), it’s available free for promotional use here.

01 Sleep Rules Everything Around Me by WUGAZI

Hope you like one of my favorite TV show, The Wire.
Wu-Tang Clan vs. Fugazi vs. Omar. Über-mashup.



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