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JV Lightbody “Inner Work” (New Atlantis)

Ambient Electronic

Inner Work is the second release from New Atlantis, and the first from J.V. Lightbody (co-founder of New Atlantis), and also known for his music as Deadboy.

“Inner Work” is a distillation of the sounds that sparked the founding of New Atlantis, and a synthesizer driven exploration of the inner realms of consciousness, space and time. New Atlantis was formed by J.V. Lightbody & India Jordan.

Each track takes its name from one of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, the ancient Chinese book of changes, a source of wisdom and system of divination still widely used and relevant to life today.

Other than a label, New Atlantis is a monthly Sunday social with live performances and DJs playing everything from New Age/Ambient, Spiritual Jazz, Visionary Synthesizer Music, Japanese RPG music, and everything in between with transcendental visuals, taking place at Rye Wax in Peckham. Regular and previous guests include Deadboy, Yamaneko, Tom Lea (Local Action), Gongon (Well Rounded), Cutty Sarks (Shit and Shine), Eye Measure, India (Radar Radio), Aliyah Hussain.

“Inner Work” released November 6, 2017 on New Atlantis

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