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Kraftwerk’s First Ever Gig (1970, WDR Archives)

This absolutely extraordinary footage from Kraftwerk‘s first ever recorded show finally surfaced 45 years after it was shot beautifully on the German TV show Rockpalast in 1970.

The 48 minute set features the 4 tracks featured on their first LP as well as some improvisation parts. The line-up consists of Ralf Hutter (organ, tubon), Florian Schneider-Esleben (flute, violin, percussion) and Klaus Dinger (drums).

The group was at that point still very Krautrock fusion, without the more electronic and disciplined song structure of the rest of their career. Not to mention, the outfits were still very hippy at that point, definitely not their trademark matching suits yet.

The perplexed looks of the audience trying to understand what’s going on are pretty priceless! If the teens in the audience were confused, one can only imagine the TV audience sitting at home and watching the birth of electronic music and techno.

Ralf Hutter — organ, tubon
Florian Schneider-Esleben — flute, violin, percussion
Klaus Dinger — drums

01. Vom Himmel Hoch
02. Ruckzuck
03. Stratovarius
04. Megaherz





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