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Future Classic: Mica Levi & Oliver Coates “Remain Calm”


Composers Mica Levi and Oliver Coates release Remain Calm, a collaborative album on Slip.

Born out of an impromptu 2014 NTS session and built from fragments of Coates’ orchestral compositions and Levi’s electronics the album features 13 varied cuts that touch on classical music, garage, grime, techno and more.

Having contributed to Radiohead’s latest LP, A Moon Shaped Pool, and released on of our favourite albums this year in the form of Upstepping. Coates works his magic again with Levi as the pair craft a modern classic utilising his sublime talent as a classically trained cellist and her knack for the intriguingly unexpected. With a running time of 27 minutes the tracks are often short, but, each one is as well executed as the next, although with tracks like the playfully melodic “County H” and “Bless Our Toes,” with its soothing beat and dubby effects, feel all too brief. Standout tracks include “Dragon In The Mist” and “Say Goodbye To Everyone” which both showcase a love for early 2000’s grime and garage.

While the beautifully abstract opener “Barok Main,” plus the sorrowful “I’ll Keep Going” and “Dolphins Climb Onto Shore For The First Time” where strings and ghostly electronics weave together perfectly feel like the most complete compositions. It’s a taste that has me interested for further offerings from this unique musical pairing.

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