Caribou’s 1000 Track Playlist

I welcome you to enjoy the most prolific music list I’ve ever listened to. A friend of mine, who has fantastic taste in music, recommended this to me and I got completely lost for hours listening to throw backs of my youth and made amazing discoveries.

I am sure most of you are familiar with Caribou, he’s a pretty successful Canadian musician and has also done productions under the aliases of Manitoba & Daphni. I have always fancied his music and his longest mixtape just makes me respect him more.

I was really happy to find some real rare gems stacked in his selection, some of my greatest guilty pleasures and songs that I completely forgot even existed. Tracks by Alex Reece and DJ SS and so much Hip Hop I love, there’s something for everyone. This is a killer selection, a taste of his taste, and a real pleasure!


Devon Eve

Devon Eve

Montrealer, born and raised, Devon Eve is a disco boogie junkie with much love for the golden era of dance music.