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Mix of the day: DJ Mixsoup “Jazz & Not So Jazz”

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Laidback Radio

Music fan for ages via Best & les Inrocks mags a.o. plus les Nocturnes (with George Lang), Rock à Gogo & “100 Minutes par delà” (Radio 21 back then – respectively with Jacques Depierpont and Tyanne), then Mixmag followed by The Wire Magazine (from which I remain a fan these days, although I still hardly know 10% of what I read in each issue but maybe that’s the point), after a stay in London which broadened my musical tastes towards electronic music.

Jazz came next via some wide advice of a work collegue who introduced me to Jazz & Jazzman mag.

The missing link was Radio Nova, which is to radio what I try to apply to my mixes: remain as open as possible in terms of genres, as opposed to specialized programs and/or radios. Online music (soundcloud, mixcloud, NPR, various blogs) help me as well to try to keep up to what’s new & exciting in music these days.

“Jazz & not so jazz” is about all that.



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).