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No UFO’s “MPC Tracks Vol III” (Nice Up Int’l)

Beats Hip-Hop

via Nice Up: After receiving an unsolicited set of ‘magical’ disks containing more than 4 GB of unlabelled samples, from the stone-classic to the vexingly unknown, Mr. NU couldn’t help himself.

What began as a stress-reliever late in NU LP for RS’s production cycle, an exercise in doing everything wrong, became a project in its own right when the tracks quickly took form and he found himself chopping, time-stretching and programming with wild abandon, sometimes banging out handfuls of beats in an afternoon.

The sole directive, don’t think about it, just do it, was naturally applied to the idea of releasing the results, and soon Mr. NU was selecting from a hundred tracks and sketches and writing an inane promo blurb before promptly moving on to other matters altogether.

“MPC Tracks Vol III” released August 11, 2017 on Nice Up Int’l

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