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Martin Glass “The Pacific Visions of Martin Glass” (Kit Records)


“The future for magnetic bubble memories – and there still is one – was more modest now.”

“Glass knew it. And knew he had to un-know it. ‘Not productive, Mr. Glass.’ Because for now, in green quiet, Martin was enjoying the sharp minty spike of his cocktail. All the while, a dragonfly – coloured in brilliant metal – arced and spiralled around his recliner. Pleasure’s bubble and hum. Hugging the horizon, the observation deck reveals a panorama over the crystal bay. Against the slow sky, the Pacific… and a wavy, patterned ice-cream.”

“We’re proud to present the first set of recordings from Martin Glass. Exiled in Taiwan working on a deal that never gets done, an American businessman falls under the hypnotic spell of the Pacific. His is an Asiatisch fever dream – seaside lovers, translucent virtual vocalists, glass-y ’80s synthesizers and multinational muzak. It’s an ode to Pacific bubble decadence, beamed from a lilo or a roof garden (or both)… all fizzing arpeggios, melancholy marimba symphonies and sunken yacht karaoke.

In terms of sonic references: forgotten ’70s nippon pop, Sakomoto + Glass sweeping neo-classicism, Haruomi Hosono driftwood, Susumu Yokota floral pretty-ness… it’s all there somewhere…?” -Kit Records

“The Pacific Visions of Martin Glass” released September 4, 2017 on Kit Records

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