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Future Classic: Psychic Mirrors “Nature of Evil”

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For any music enthusiast, there’s a notion of having your “go-to” record labels; labels that you necessarily buy every releases, often without having to listen to them in the 1st place. It was the case for me with labels such as CTI Records, Chocolate Cholly, Loud Records, BBE Records, just to name a few. Which brings me to the Miami based Cosmic Chronic label.

With their latest release, “Nature Of Evil“, the newest project by the group Psychic Mirrors, Cosmic Chronic are cementing their status as one of the strong leaders in the Modern Funk landscape. Labeled as “Omnisexual Funk”, the LP reflects the complex creativity of the band, led by Mickey De Grand IV. It’s an immersive cinematographic journey into the world where Gangsters, Unsolved Mysteries, Boogie & Crimes all co-exist in the “Magic City” of Miami. The 1st single “Island Girl” is has infectious as it can get, from the drums to the vocals, from the bass line to the melodies. It’s simply hypnotizing, as it foreshadowed the rest of the album. Even the trailer is mind-blowing. (See Below). Psychic Mirrors delivers a flawless pictorial story with “Nature Of Evil”; strong vivid moments throughout the 12 tracks LP.

The group is now on a North American Tour, where they’ll be performing at the 2nd Annual Modern Funk Fest in San Diego (link), also stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. All the details are available here : (Link)

Order your limited physical copies here (link)

Video Trailer

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