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Sony’s stunning LED Lightbulb Speaker (LSPX-100E26J)

We’ve seen a lot of truly stunning bluetooth speakers in the last few years. Some with killer design, sound and at fairly reasonable prices too. But we have to admit that this one might be our favorite speaker invention of 2015.

SONY is releasing a stunning Bluetooth Speaker which doubles as a LED Lightbulb and fits in the same fittings as an ordinary bulb. Obviously which such a small object, it can’t carry a huge sound (2 Watt) but you can trust Sony to make it sound crisp which should be enough to fill a small space with a clean sound.

Unfortunately it’s only available in Japan only (releasing on May 25th) but hopefully the product will be a success and make its way to Europe and America.

Sony Japan Site

Sony LSPX-100E26J LED light bulb speaker gets paired with an app (SongPal) in your device (paired via Bluetooth) to control volume, brightness (warm light). It comes with a dedicated remote which can be used to control the LED light bulb speaker. (remote is included in the package along with its CR2032 Lithium battery).

It weighs around 205 grams, 61 mm × 116 mm in dimensions, practical output 2W for speakers.

Check the official Video and Pictures Below







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