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Future Classic: Tay Sean “Leavings”

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Seattle’s own Tay Sean takes hip-hop, dare we say music, to a whole new level with his latest release.

Who knew rap music could bang so hard in a 7/8 time signature? Who is to say this is even “rap music” any longer? What is it? It’s something new, something fresh, something in its own category, maybe something without category completely. Upon first listening to Tay Sean‘s “Leavings” I felt like each song was about to slip off the rails and, instead of plummeting towards earth, it would take flight to go explore Mars or maybe just the coffee shop down the street. Where’s it going to go next? One thing is for sure, wherever it goes it’s going to be amazing.

If you hear similarities to the sounds of Shabazz Palaces, your ears are correct. Tay Sean has been working behind the scenes with Shabazz Palaces for a long while now, along with Seven Davis Jr. and THEESatisfaction repping the Cloud Nice Collective. “Leavings” seems to draw inspiration from a large range of past and present styles, blending them all in a cosmic mixing bowl and extracting the best flavours to create an entirely new cuisine. Not to mention every song was written, produced, rapped and recorded by Tay Sean himself who also created the album artwork.

If I have any last words, they can only be “let me hear more”.

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Mike Jones

Mike Jones

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