The Evolution of Dance Music Genres!

A little while ago I set out to make a chart animation detailing the history and roots of UK Garage. How it was directly born out of the US Garage House sound of New York, crossed the ocean and along with the UK influences of Jungle and Drum and Bass eventually came to create Speed Garage, UKG, Dubstep, Grime, Bassline, etc…

When it comes to “dance” music there is never really just one thing creating another but generally a combination of 2-3 things giving birth to one style which will then morph into 2-3 other genres after that. I’m not usually down with having an overly nerdy approach to this type of thing but if you’re passionate about music, or one style in particular wouldn’t it make sense that you know about the genre’s history?

Well…. I gotta say, this little animation is a very interesting project. Click on the image and check it out!



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