The Raw House Supreme

THE RAWHOUSE SUPREME #226 — Hosted by The RawSoul

House / Techno

A special tribute show to some of my favorites artists and vocalists who recently left us. Let the music live…

Loads of selections from Mike Huckaby, an essential purveyor of the Detroit Sound. Music from Tony Allen, an absolute original pioneer of the Afro Beat sound. More funkiness by way of Manu Dibango, one of the finest provider of Afro Funk. Stunning and legendary vocal performances from Ceybil Jefferies (aka Sweet Sable), Vaughn Mason (aka Raze), the incomparable Bill Withers and legendary rapper Stezo.


1.Stezo – It’s My Turn
2.Manu Dibango – New Bell
3.Manu Dibango – Soul Makossa
4.Tony Allen – Road Close
5.Tony Allen – Asiko
6.Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela – Coconut Jam
7.Tony Allen – Afro-Disco Beat
8.Mike Huckaby & Pacou – Sessions
9.Mike Huckaby – Melodies From The Jazz Republic
10.Mike Huckaby – Fantasy
11.Mike Huckaby – First Gear
12.The Chris Simmonds Project – Work It (Reworkin It Remix)
13.Roland King – The Rowdy Swing
14.Mike Huckaby – The Jazz Republic
15.Norm Talley – Change (Mike Huckaby Remix)
16.Mike Huckaby – Baseline 88
17.Mikkel Metal – Stephan (The Mike Huckaby Synth Remix)
18.Precession – Sandcastle (Mike Huckaby Remix)
19.Roland King – Flashbacks From The M1
20.Mike Huckaby – Let The Dancer Do His Thing
21.Mike Huckaby – Luv Time
22.Urban Force – Untitled 2 (Mike Huckaby Remix)
23.Mike Huckaby – The Deep House World
24.Mike Huckaby – We Can Make It
25.Mike Huckaby – Disco Time
26.Vaughn Mason & Butch Dayo – You Can Do It
27.Major Weeks – Don’t Give Up
28.Raze – Break 4 Love
29.Ceybil – Love So Special
30.Sweet Sable – Old Time Sake
31.Pitch Black City ft Roberta Sweed – Runaway
32.Bill Withers – Lovely Day

The RawSoul

The RawSoul

A music lover since he was born, The RawSoul is a spectator of the House Music movement since it's early days. Years of dj'ing, working in records stores and researching expanded his musical taste in many different angles. He can be heard on his weekly show on