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VOYAGE FUNKTASTIQUE – Show #164 (Hosted by Walla P with Mark Magnanimous)

Modern Funk

Walla P is joined by Mark Magnanimous in the studio on this week’s Voyage Funktastique.

This week’s show features new material from Zackey Force Funk, Stimulator Jones, Aaron Evo, Throwback Zack and a guest set from Artbeat Montreal head-honcho Mark Magnanimous, enjoy!

Recorded & broadcasted live from


BOYDUDE – Reflection (remix)
Stimulator Jones – Feel Your Arms Around Me
Zackey Force Funk – Bodyrock Shotgun (prod. by XL Middleton)
AAron EVO – Yabbatomic
Throwback Zack – When I Hit The Block
DOC Mastermind – D0CDAY
Pho Queue – Sweet
Dj Delay – NGHT
Koolade – Let’s Use Hands Now
Funkmaster Ozone – R.O.G.E.R.
AAron EVO – 2001 (Zappian part2)
Kutcorners – The Finest Ft. Amalia (Potatohead People Remix)
Groud Control – Step Out Of The Dark (feat David Whitley)
Charles Mccormick – Live Wire [instrumental]
MFSB – Mysteries Of The World
Circuitry – (taken from Test Press upcoming release on PPU)
– Mark Magnanimous’ Set –


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Walla P

Walla P

Founder, Dj & Host of Voyage Funktastique, a radio show, monthly night and platform dedicated to promote Future/Modern/Électro/Boogie Funk.