Devon Eve

Devon Eve

Montrealer, born and raised, Devon Eve is a disco boogie junkie with much love for the golden era of dance music.

B. Bravo “Computa Love” & other Computer Lovers


If you’re familiar with the likes of Dam-Funk and Onra, then you’ve probably already heard of B.Bravo. He stresses the same style of smooth bass boosting R&B, mixed with heavy synth and funk sampling all with a dash of 80’s nostalgia.

B. Bravo’s EP, Computa Love, was released in 2010 off Frite Nite, and Computa Love is definitely my favorite track off the record. It’s a sexy beat with spacey futuristic sounds, fused with R&B – a sex money slow jam made just for computers!

I also thought it would be relevant to add that many other musicians have lots to say about computers and computer love. There are countless variations of the theme, with winning titles and lyrics like, “Nobody Loves a Computer Because a Computer Does Not Dance,” “Computer Flop,” and “Computer Love is a cold, cold lover!” If you’re feeling the computer love vibe, check out these tracks too.

B Bravo - Computa Love

And More Computer Lovin’

Zapp & Roger - Computer Love Kraftwerk – Home Computer (Todd Terje Tangoterje Edit) JYL - Computer Love Lee Brinx – Computer Love Glass Candy – Computer Love Kraftwerk – Computer Love Move D – Computer Flop Computer – Nobody Loves a Computer Because a Computer Does Not Dance

and a video bonus