CONTRÔLE Thurdays at Stereobar – Resident DJ’s Pick The Key Tracks


We are really excited to tell you about our new night called Contrôle on thursday nights at Montreal’s Stereobar as presented by NEON. Yes, it will feature some really dope out of town guests like Roman Flugel and Maribou State (at the launch a few weeks back). And yes, it is at Stereobar a venue respected around the world.

But most of all, what we’re excited about is to have 6 great DJ’s involved as residents on rotation. We decided to put all our heads together and give you a taste of what to expect at CONTRÔLE Thursdays at Stereobar.

Each DJ showcases one opener, peak-time track and a closer they plan to play at some point.


Opener: R-Zone – Positive Sequence

R-Zone is a label that’s popped up in the last year or so and every release has been wonderful. It’s run by the people at Creme Organization and a lot of the “anonymous” producers in this series are respected names related to that particular techno scene. Positive Sequence is just a beautiful and somewhat sad piece of music that could really only start or end an evening. The undercover producer of this one is rumoured to be “Scientific Dreamz Of U”, who creates slow dance music that’s reminiscent of Boards Of Canada.

Peak Time: Mathew Jonson – Marionette (the beginning)

As much as I think trance is a dirty word, this is my idea of a trance anthem. It’s the ultimate synth sequence that can solidify the right kind of party. This particular version was released on Mathew’s album “Agents of Time”, six years after the original. Refined and simplified.

Closer: CN – Stellar Awakening

Stellar Awakening has been my favourite record to end a night with for the past year. It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t appreciate this piece of music and always ends things off on a positive note. CN is Stian Gjevik a Norwegian guy who I believe lives in Holland. Many may recognize his EOD alias where he makes acid/electro/techno music that easily meshes with the whole “Braindance” movement.


Opener: Steffi – DB011 – Dolly (2013)

Underrated bside cut from Steffi’s consistently great Dolly Dubs. A stripped down percussive track that always makes the dance floor click without bringing any attention to itself. Unpretentious and instant groover.

Peak: Murk – Moti Awa Feat. Oba Frank Lords & Jei (Matt Tolfrey And Lawrie Dunster Remix) – Murk Records (2013)

I used to play this as an opener until I realized how impressive it can be when lead into properly. A perfect example of how peaktime doesn’t have to be synonymous with big tracks. An imposing record that shows great restraint.

Closer: Tiga – Gentle Giant (Martyn’s Heaven Mix) – Turbo Recordings (2010)

Beautiful remix of my favourite Tiga song by the incredibly emotive Martyn. I enjoy playing longer sets wrought with tension, and this gorgeous track has such a feeling of resolution and finality that it washes all that away.


Opener: Kris Wadsworth – Machine Sympathy (2012)

Fun one, everything i love about Kris Wadsworth. Work that shit!

Peak: Argy – Closer Than Most (2014)

Rad hypnotizing vocal. Really engages the mind control switch.

Closer: Johnny Osbourne – Ice Cream Love + Scientist Extra Time Dub (1986)

Bonus points if you reach for the dub. Trippy.


Opener: Paleman – Etch

Crisp percussions, a bunch of echo’d out sounds coming at you from every direction to spook you out, but a groovy bassline that tells you “it’s okay, come forward”. Pitched down a bit, this is a chill intro song for the dancers to warm up to.

Peak: Tiga VS Audion – Gez Dancing (Eats Everything Re-Beef)

I heard Justin Martin play this in Los Angeles about six months ago and absolutely lost my marbles. Took me a while to figure out who made the edit, let alone get my hands on it… It’s a high-energy tech-house bomb that combines Tiga’s classic ‘Let’s Go Dancing’ and Ron Costa’s ‘Gez Uri’. A simple mashup, but that works so well on the dancefloor… It always gives me a rush.

Closer: SCB – Loss

Classic deep house staple… This is one you can close your eyes and just vibe out to as the night winds down.


Opener: Talaboman – Sideral

This track is an amazing example of a perfect collaboration. You can hear elements of Axel Boman and John Talabot as individuals but the result is an unexpected marriage of sounds. Everytime I hear that lead melody my fingers cant help but air pluck in sync.

Peak: Paranoid London – Eating Glue

Fugging love this track. Maybe its just me but it totally slipped under my radar until recently. That warm bassline and monologue-style lyrics drives it home. Makes me want to lose my mind, wiggle my hips and get lost.

Closer: Max Graef – Bummse (Glen Astro Rebumms)

I picked up this record at Ameoba in L.A. with my partner in crime, Ledisko. They dont let you pre-listen to the records there but im a huge fan of Max Graef so for me it was a no-brainer. When i got back to Canada I discovered the b-side is unbelievable. What a gem.


Opener: Alterned Natives – Die 4 U

I think Altered Natives is criminally slept-on. I’m a big fan of his because he brings a really nice mix of UK Bass, House and also his background as a Broken Beat producer in the early 2000’s. “Die 4 U” is a really incredible mood setter.

Peak: Logic “Blues For You” (2014 Revamp)

I always try to squeeze in a few UK Garage tracks in my House/Techno sets. It’s a nice change of pace and energy even though the 4/4 UKG fits in quite nicely, especially with the whole 90’s revival thing. “Blues For You” is a track from 1994 which served as one of the building blocks for the UK Garage movement.

Closer: Ragtyme – I Can’t Stay Away (Ron Hardy Club Mix)

This is an unbelievable track to play in the last minutes of a sweaty night. But all you need to know about this gem from 1987 is who is involved on it: Byron Stingly on the vocals, Ron Hardy on the remix, Marshall Jefferson on production, Frankie Knuckles on the mastering… ‘Nuff said.

We hope to see you on Thursdays!