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Future Classic: Dandy Teru “Adventures” (Ubiquity Records)

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Remember that whole wave of records classified as “Downtempo” or even “Chill Out”? In the last 90’s / early 2000 every label out there was jumping on the train with those shitty compilations themed with famous hotels, lounges and so on… Frankly 95% of the records from that period aged horribly and have been relegated to “boring elevator music” status.

But since we here at MIMS like to focus on the 5% of good shit let us introduce you to a record from French producer Dandy Teru called “Adventures” on the mighty Ubiquity label. The 10 track LP manages to elevate itself above the typical “beat tape” stigma that is so present these days (we love beat tapes but we can only take so much!)

It’s the vocal collaborations that really help “Adventures” cross over from just being an interesting collection of beats to actual songs. Collaborations from great vocalists like Count Bass D, Moka Only, Tchad Unpoe and other really help complement the laid back production.

It really reminds me of the good records from back in the day with that vibe. Jazzanova, classic Mo Wax Records and all those Mushroom Jazz compilations. It also includes remixes by Tall Black Guy, Belgian production duo Monkey Robot and his partner-in-crime Quiet Dawn.

Highly Recommended!

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Hailing from Toulouse, France, Dandy Teru wears many hats; multi-media artist, artistic director, radio host and selector on Laid Back Radio, but foremost as a music producer. He’s been slowly making a name for himself yet still somewhat working in the shadows, with connections and contributions to a slew of young and burgeoning French artists in the Hip-Hop scene such as Tchad Unpoe, Pumpkin, Supafuh, and fellow producers Monkey Robot and Quiet Dawn. His production aesthetic however hasn’t gone unnoticed with his inclusion in TBG’s (Tall Black Guy) Tempo Dreams compilation for Bastard Jazz featuring new producers of note as well as a track on the Do The Dilla 2012 album.



Montreal-based DJ and the founder MusicIsMySanctuary.com (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).