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Forgotten Treasure: D’Angelo “Spanish Joint” (95 North Remix)


Seeing as I read some promising news about D’Angelo‘s new record I thought I’d share one of my favorite forgotten treasures from him. I got this on vinyl probably 10 years ago and have been playing it pretty much ever since. Come to think of it I should buy a second copy.

Apparently, D’Angelo’s whose last album is nearly 12 years old is back on the road with Questlove on a European tour  starting in January. And as for that forever-awaited follow-up to Voodoo, Quest says it’s “97% done” and that it’s “the black version of [The Beach Boys’] Smile.” While there have admittedly been countless false alarms as far as D’Angelo’s comeback over the years, 2012 is looking extremely promising at the moment.

D'Angelo - Spanish Joint (95 North Mix)