Dela “The Robert Glasper Beat Tape”

Beats Hip-Hop

Since we at MIMS are all giddy with excitement in anticipation of ROBERT GLASPER‘s new record coming out Blue Note Records very soon I thought I’d dig up this amazing project  by my good friend DELA. It came in 2010 at a time when the game wasn’t flooded by these “beat tapes” concepts.

No disrespect to some cats but Dela is not your everyday producer, the guy has worked with Blu, Kweli, Large Pro, Les Nubians to name a few, the guy has paid his dues. There are different styles of producers but as I know Dela, he’s the kind of guy that will spend 3 days on finding the perfect snare. (And boy are they crisp!) So when he sat down and paid tribute to Robert Glasper, it’s not something he did in a half-assed way.

Get it! It’s free!!


Here is how DELA describes how this project came to be:

The first time I heard Robert Glasper’s music was in the summer of 2007. I was hanging out with the homie phinydee in the jazz record shop he used to work at, in Paris. We were trying to finish Changes Of Atmosphere at the time, so quite often I would stop by the shop so we could discuss featurings, label deals, yadda yadda.. So anyway, Phinydee had In My Element playing in the background, and of course Dillalude caught my ear… “hold on, what is this ?!” But shortly we got back into babbling about distribution, mastering, budget and all that, so I didn’t get to give the album a proper listening. Until october 2009. A that time, Robert’s latest, Doubled Booked, was on heavy rotation at the crib, and after I twat (twitted ?) about it, twitters @FROactiv and @fwmj advised me to get my hands on In My Element. A couple weeks later I found a copy in Archambault in MTL, so I copped it, went home and played it and… DAYMN! This album is 1) very dope 2) absolutely full of samples. Some of the interludes are basically hip-hop beats already… So.. I was like, I can’t sample the whole album and get away with it, can I ? Can I ??? I felt guilty already, so I figured I might as well do it, but call it a remix album or something.. And I started making these beats. So there you go now, The Robert Glasper Beattape is up for free download. If you like it, please support good music by copping In My Element, you’ll like it too. It’s on iTunes, and you should be able to find the CD in the jazz section of your nearest record store.. Enjoy !



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).