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Exclusive Premiere: Culross Close (K15) “Acceptance”


Much of the way in which the world operates today, at a human level, concerns exploitation, using another’s vulnerability for one’s own benefit, an idea so commonplace we only recognise its ill in the extremes. From reflection, to acceptance, to hope, ​Forgotten Ones​ delves into the contradictions of accepting the status quo while identifying it’s shortcomings.

Esencia​ is proud to present ​Forgotten Ones​, the new album from London based quintet Culross Close (an alias of K15).

​‘Acceptance’ finds the quintet in familiar hip-hop territory, carving out a top tier groove with a recurring piano motif of the highest order. Their vocals, this time more chant than choral makes for a brilliant 5 minute mantra.

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Culross Close​ are:

Bass – Eli Emmanuel
Keys – Anthony Kieron
Drums – May Goode
Synthesizers – Nathaniel Jiddu
Percussion & Incense – Hasani

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