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Exclusive Premiere: Laura Misch “Lagoon”

Electronic Jazz

Saxophonist, producer, and singer-songwriter ​Laura Misch​ releases her brand new single “Lagoon”.

Laura’s​ ​main instrument is saxophone, and her particular focus has been using electronics to generate saxophone soundscapes. She makes both instrumental music and songs primarily on the cyclical themes of: connection, presence and release, the saxophone threads throughout everything.

In her own words Laura says, “Lagoon is a meditation on relationship and environment. When I thought about what type of environment I would like to be for other people, I gravitated towards a lagoon because of its restorative qualities. The world feels so hectic and the idea that through through creativity we can construct alternative realities feels really vital. That’s why I make music, because you can construct these sonic environments for people to be transported too. Lagoon is meant to be this big sonic hug.”


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