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Future Classic: Fiona Apple “Every Single Night” (MeLo-X ReMix)

Beats Soul

I’m always a little bit suspicious of new producers these days, especially when my first introduction to them is via a remix they posted on soundcloud. Seems every time a new track comes out, or a legendary artist dies there are immediately 15 remixes that sound like they were done in about 20 minutes.

But then again when you hear the name Melo-X floating around and being supported by quality heads like Gilles Peterson and Lefto then you figure it’s definitely worth 4 minutes of your attention.

And Melo-X sure has my attention now. And the fact that my introduction to his work is the remix he did for Fiona Apple certainly helped. Used to love her back in the day…

Really great remix from the upcoming Brooklyn producer who has remixed a couple tracks in recent weeks on his soundcloud from Yuna, Azaelia Banks to Lana Del Rey. Truly takes the track in a different place (original below). Really makes you wanna do the rain dance.

Melo X – Soundcloud

Fiona Apple – Every Single Night (Original)