Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: David Benoit “Life is like a Samba” (1979)


Once again, we walk away for another edition of our 24 Hours of Vinyl event having discovered sooo many good music. Each DJ from the 4th edition introduced us to some gems that we probably would have missed and will now beat on regular rotation for years to come. Each 24HOV event is usually an intensive crash course in forgotten treasures.

So let’s start with one track from the nighttime set from none other than Christian Pronovost. As we expected, CP killed us with so many different angles, so many dancefloor weapons. From forgotten 80’s B-sides to dancefloor jazz but this is one of those that had us running to the booth to ask what the hell this was.

So let us introduce you (well if you didn’t know it yet) to David Benoit’s “Life is like a Samba” a 1979 track which came out on AVI and is an absolute rare groove classic in the London Jazz Dance scene. We will always remember than we discovered this track at 2am in a dark record store but it felt like a sunny day on the beach for about 5 minutes.

David Benoit - Life is like a Samba (1979) Download Link


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