Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Phil Ranelin “Vibes From The Tribe” (1976)


You might have heard of Phil Ranelin on Madlib’s righteous all in tribute to a series of his jazz heroes from the 60’s and mainly 70’s “The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble” (Shades of Phil, for Phil Ranelin)

Phil Ranelin was a prolific session trombonist and was indebted to many Tamla/Motown recordings. Also played along with many notable musicians at jazz clubs throughout the city.

This is a solid jazz record. A real return to greatness, reissued by Hefty records (originally stamped “Made in Detroit” on Tribe Records) Perfectly backed by an incredible group of musicians “Vibes from The Tribe” is a hard hitting masterpiece. Expansive vibe is fleshed out with “Sounds From The Village” “Wife” “For The Children” and my favorite “He The Only One We All Knew”