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Mix of the Day: Phillie P “Memphis Mix” (90’s Cassette Rips)


Brand new mix from Belgrade, Serbia’s PHILLIE P. Definitely a late entry for one of our favorite mixes of 2014.

Phillie P is a good homie of mine and when I saw him over the summer at a festival we were both playing at he told me about this idea of doing a mix focusing on the 90’s Memphis scene, mostly rare joints. And a few months later, he delivered this banging mix consisting of only Cassette Rips!

A little reminder on what makes a great mix (as far as we’re concerned)

  • A few songs and artists you’ve never heard about. (In this case, pretty much the whole damn thing.)
  • The mix should have a storyline. And hopefully a story that hasn’t been put together 1000 times (In this case a resounding yes again. Of course there has been some Memphis / Atlanta / New Orleans mixes but not a ton of them and to our knowledge not with this level of digging for rare shit)
  • Well mixed (In this case, a lot of the songs are pretty tough to mix in and out but there are no clashes)
  • Well programmed and of a good lenght  (I ‘m not a fan of mixes that are 30 minutes long, it always feel like the DJ didn’t have enough material to put together a nice story)

Not something you’d listen to everyday but definitely prime drive-by mixtape material. Just gonna have to beg for that tracklist now.




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