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Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: The Midnight Eez “Midnight Eez EP” (1995)

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Every music nerd loves a good story about a rare record, a group that never got their due, a guy that bought a 20,000$ record for 50 cents or even the story this year that came out of this guy that bought a ton of J Dilla’s personal record collection from Ma Dukes herself.

Well, this is one of those great stories right here.

The story goes that Splyce, the co-founder of All-City Records (who released a ton of quality shit like Krystal Klear, Om Unit, Devonwho) met these two cats called the Midnight Eez on a digging trip in NYC in the mid-90’s. They gave him a demo cassette of their production and he didn’t get around to listening to it until finding it in a move, over 10 years later. Of course in those days all you wrote on your demo was your phone (or pager!) number so of course Splyce did try but no luck.

So, he loved the record so much he decided to release it and is hoping to track down the two guys behind Midnight Eez. In 2012 beat tapes are a pretty common and trivial thing but to uncover something this good from the golden age is just beautiful. Classic Lord Finesse, Diamond D type vibes… If this would come out today people would lose their shit. But that’s the whole point of the MIMS forgotten treasures section: if you’ve never heard it, it’s new to you!

To buy the record or give information about Midnight Eez, click here.

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