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MF Gold

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Future Classics

Future Classic: A K U A “Gravity”


Last year, right around this time actually, I was introduced to the wonderful
A K U A. I was invited to one of her shows, which I didn’t actually get to go to, but all the raving reviews from her performance sparked my interest so I looked her up and found her video ‘Push Harder’. From that moment on I was a dedicated fan. Unfortunately our schedules never coordinated so I wasn’t able to see her live till this past February when she opened for Cody Chesnutt. She was awesome! So many of her pieces would qualify for future classics but ‘Gravity’ is a track that really stuck with me. I remember her performance of it so clearly. It was close to the beginning of her set and the crowd was still a little rowdy and sticking to the sidelines but as soon as she laid the first chords there was this silence that fell upon the room and by the end of it she’d managed to pull us all in close, emotionally and physically.

What sets A K U A apart for me is how she manages to dose the strength of her voice so wisely, one moment it feels like it weighs enough to cave your chest in and the next its lighter than a feather’s caress. In ‘Gravity’ we really get to see that beautiful vocal range and her great lyrical skill. I’ve been reading the lyrics over and over this week just so in love with the depth and images she manages to pull out of me with humble poetry. Now you must be wondering why I’ve kept this gem from you for so long. Well first, I wanted to wait for the release of the amazing video and secondly I wanted to time it perfectly for you to go and get her Full EP ‘One’s Company’ that comes out this Tuesday June 4th and for those of you who are Montreal be sure to save Monday June 3rd for her album launch at Le Belmont. Big ups A K U A, I so looking forward to having the physical of your masterpiece.