Future Classics

Future Classic: Ali the Son of Abdul “Raja”


For those who follow this site closely, you may remember a post about Ali‘s EP series of instrumentals, Karma. The only real criticism that I could on it was that I wish it could have been a little longer. This 10 track album adresses that concern with a fresh batch of new instrumentals!

I didn’t think it was possible but those instrumentals are rawer then his previous offerings (and I say “offerings” because they are all free downloads or at least very cheap).  The use of scratch-like sound makes the work on the basic building material of those beats (the samples) more straight to the point. Spit Choir is a good exemple of this.  It makes a mascarade of disguising samples in real instruments unnecessary. There is also a bit of the the same indian vibe here. Think of the indian volume of the Madlib‘s Beat Konducta series or that crazy Dan The Automator and DJ shadow collaboration but very raw and because of that, more intimate.



Max Robin is a towntempo kind of guy. He loves beats. Making them, sampling them, shaking them, baking them, spinning them, radio hosting them,... He releases a beat a day at 30bpm.com. Oh and he's also 1/2 of wobbly affair Pax Kingz with Millimetrik and 1/2 of irreverent french rap duo MC Phylis et Maxime Robin. Oh que oui!