Max Robin is a towntempo kind of guy. He loves beats. Making them, sampling them, shaking them, baking them, spinning them, radio hosting them,... He releases a beat a day at Oh and he's also 1/2 of wobbly affair Pax Kingz with Millimetrik and 1/2 of irreverent french rap duo MC Phylis et Maxime Robin. Oh que oui!

Future Classics

Future Classic: Cyne “Wasteland Vol. 1”

Beats Hip-Hop

When I worked at CHYZ, a radio station in Quebec City, I was doing research and discovering new stuff all the time. It’s at that time when I opened up to so much amazing indie rap. Interesting folks like the Fake Four Inc. label but also a group from Florida called Cyne.

They infuse their special blend of hiphop with organic textures and melodious savoir-faire on all of their 5 or 6 albums. The first time I heard that blend, I thought they were playing real instruments on those records. Fast forward to the new record or I should say the new cassette (because it’s really a beattape in its true form), it’s instrumental most of the time. There are some vocals here and there but nothing to disrupt the introspective mood. Musically, it’s a little bit more cut and paste than their previous work but the balance of the elements of their usual style is still there. It made me think of an instrumental version of Buck65‘s Square. Classic D.I.Y. indie hiphop but don’t expect the boring boom bap approach here!

Enter Killmore by CYNE

An Introspection by CYNE