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Future Classic: DâM-FunK “Invite The Light” (Stones Throw Records)

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Last Friday marked the release of the highly anticipated 2nd full length project by Modern Funk’s #1 ambassador DâM-FunK, “Invite The Light”. DâM’s been granting us with his musical generosity since his release of ToEachIzOwn, back in 2008, with a load of unreleased tracks via his Soundcloud, and also with his other projects with Steve Arrington & Snoopzilla, so let’s just say cats were ready for this one to drop.

For this 2nd opus, we are greeted by the legendary Junie Morrison (Ohio Players) with a message to the outer space residents, and suggesting that we shall invite the light in our lives. The common message throughout this cosmic journey is a positive one; erase all the negativity, be the Best human being you can be, keep hope alive and let the funk take control of your mind, body & soul. Positivity is a recurrent theme, and it’s no surprise knowing that DâM transcends that state of mind; just a humble funkster trying to survive in the Big City.

There’s a lot of notable & eclectic collaborations, such as Q-Tip, Leon Sylvers III & IV, Ariel Pink, Computer Jay, Jody Watley, Snoop Dogg and Nite Jewel. In my opinion, “Invite The Light” shows the maturity that DâM’s gain since his last solo project, and his creative progression is constantly pushing and conquering new realms, even further beyond the funk genre. Funk is contagious, funk is positive, funk is delinquent, funk is the future, and DâM’s is the testament that the Future is happening Now. Long live to a true G, as G stands for Gentleman, or Genius, or Gangsta, or all of the above.

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Walla P

Walla P

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